Mobius Strip Demonstrator




A Mobius Strip Demonstration Aid
This easy-to-build model actually took me over 6 months to come up with.
I already made a [Mobius Strip Sculpture] which was a challange in getting the twisted form in regular bricks.
However the sculpture fails to capture the malleability of the Mobius Strip as a topological object, and I was at a loss for a long time on how to get the twist done, and also allow for splitting the strip down the middle.

 - Simple, Flexible (and easily extendable) design.
 - The trick with the technic elements in the twist is unique, to my knowledge.
 - The design allows for splitting down the middle, to demonstrate the unique quality of the Mobius Stip when it is split.
 - The twist is removable to allow demonstration of the qualities of the annulus, and thus demonstrate how the annulus and the Mobius Strip differ.

All features and concepts are explained in the attached 5-minute video.
Do check out my other math-related creation - the [Quiangle Puzzle]
I thank you for any comments, critiques or inquiries.

Frank Van-Der-Most took this a step further and made an all-Technic Splitting ring.
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Name Mobius Strip Demonstrator
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2019
Inventory 145 parts
Theme Technic > Model
Old Trafford
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