Ball-Booster - mini-GBC based on Creative Toolbox 17101




Now Available on Amazon: Book with instructions and detailed programming guide for all my 6 Boost-Models:
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mini-GBC (Great Ball Contraption) based on the Boost set 17101.
It can be entirely build with the parts contained in the set. You will only need some balls. Lego Soccer or Basketballs work best but you can also use any kind of ball or glass marble with approx. 14mm diameter.

You can extend the roller coaster using additional bricks from any set you might have (e.g. the Arctic Explorer).

The instructions are very detailed but the building is quite challenging. The pack also includes programming instructions.

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Name Ball-Booster - mini-GBC based on Creative Toolbox 17101
Designer Bundy
Designed 2019
Inventory 487
Theme Technic
Alternate Build of 17101-1 Creative Toolbox
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