Ultimate RC 42077 with SBrick + PF Lights




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Custom RC Rally Car modification

Details of the model:

- A high-quality engineering model for fans and collectors
- Total number of components required 964 Bricks
- Difference parts list for conversion - 62 Bricks
- Dimension of model B / T / H = 22,7 / 41,3 / 14,4 cm

Ultimate Edition:
- reinforced rear axle
- PF lights
- PF motors

Functions - electical:
- Drive forward and back (Engine ratio 3:1)
- Steereiing left and right
- Lights in front and back

Functions - mechanical:
- open / close doors
- open / close hood

Power Functions:

1x Servomotor
2x XL Engine
1x SBick (missing on inventory)
1x Battery box
2x PF Lights

More informations on www.custombricks.de
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Name Ultimate RC 42077 with SBrick + PF Lights
Designer CustomBricks.de
Designed 2019
Inventory 960
Theme Technic
Modification of 42077-1 Rally Car


  • 2 months, 3 weeks ago Dancsi36 (163)
    Hello again,
    I started building this MOC yesterday and I am at step 69 (page 86 in the PDF) and for me, the red transparent flat 1x1 tile is not staying on the black piece, along with the LEGO PF light.
    If i use the one with the normal, black technic pin on it instead of the one with the cross (as suggested in the instruction, the tile is more stable and  doesn't fall off but of course I can not add the red, long pin with it.
    Can you check it on your side if it's the samething about the 1x1 red trans. tile
    • 2 months, 3 weeks ago CustomBricks.de (6K) MOC Designer DESIGNER
      there is NO tile, thats 1x1 trans red plate! Use the Stud for the black hole....
      • 2 months, 3 weeks ago Dancsi36 (163)
        hello, yeah i am talking about the 1x1 red trans plate (for the rear lights) and i use its stud side to connect it to the black technic hole and it is loose, it will fall off if the rally car hits something.
        i put it in a similar lego technic part (except the end is a technic pin and not a cross and the 1x1 red trans plate is firmly in the hole, it will not fall off
        what i am gonna try is to put a 1/2 blue technic pin, put the 1x1 red plate on its small circular end and the pf light goes to the other end in the central hole of the pin
      • 2 months, 3 weeks ago Dancsi36 (163)
        I finished the MOC and I am telling you, the 1x1 trans red plates and the PF light keep falling off from the black lego technic part (part number 22961).
        Just try it for yourself, take any 1x1 plate and insert its stud side into the hole of this specific part, it's loose and fall off as soon as the car hits something.
        After, insert the same plate info the part who has item number 87082 for example (Technic, Pin 3L with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and Center Pin Hole) (you need some of them for this MOC in red) you will see that the plate stays  in the hole and it's more hard to remove it (same goes with the PF light)
        I am not a noob in LEGO, I know and use them since I am a kid, so I know how they work together
  • 3 months ago Dancsi36 (163)
    In the Rebrickable's inventory list, you should only add the pieces (ones not in the 42077 set like the big Technic gears, etc. and the parts that are in the set but we need more of them for the MOC, like the yellow Technic Axle 7) we need to buy, like you did in the Excel file - Bricklist modification tab (that we get once we buy the instruction manual (PDF).

    It's says in the Rebrickable inventory that you need 3 yellow Technic Axle 7, but there are 2 already in the set, so we only need to buy one for this MOC. Same goes with the Technic Pin Connector Hub with 2 Pins with Friction Ridges Lengthwise (5 already in the set + extra 3 for the MOC = 8 in total) and the Technic Pin Long with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and Stop Bush (29 already in the set + extr 3 for the MOC = 32 in total). 

    Not everybody is buying the instruction + Excel file right away, some people buy the extra parts first to see how much it will cost to them then they buy the instruction manual (which is cheaper).

    The way you did the inventory on the site (Excel one is OK) is very confusing because you mixed some parts together (one from the set + extra ones we have to buy for the MOC.

    I never had this problem with other MOC from this site, because other people simply add the extra parts required for the MOC in the Rebrickable inventory where the MOC is.

    Edit 2: Oh, by the way, I added the set (with all of its 1005 parts) into a set list (because i have the set, of course), so the build calculator doesn't include the parts from the set, only the extra ones, but still, some parts included in the 42077-1 show the amount we need to buy (in the inventory) and not the difference (extra)
    • 3 months ago CustomBricks.de (6K) MOC Designer DESIGNER
      Hello, Please use compare moc with another to find the different parts-list ;-)
      • 3 months ago Dancsi36 (163)
        Thank you, I didn't know about this, this feature will help me a lot in the future ;-)
        There are a lot of different tools and links on this site, specially for MOCs
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