Micropolis City Hall




Marking the city center of my Micropolis, City Hall currently is the tallest building in town. Erik Petersen did an amazing job catching the right vibe I wanted to have for this (see Micropolis City Hall), so I tried to rebuild his design, adding some tweaks and further detail.

- City Hall building for the city's administrative employees including the mayor's office
- Statues of Micropolis' founding fathers and mothers
- Secondary entrance for servants - some say, it should be the main entrance, because it is bigger and more beautiful, check it out by buying the file ;-)
- Clocktower with - erm, non-working gear. But it looks nice!
- Inner courtyard with a small fountain

Please note: I primarily create Micropolis modules for my own personal Micropolis. While designing, I only care about if the result looks good to me and not if I used the most elegant techniques or the minimal part amount to achieve my goals. I do a little cleanup in the end, but please don't expect the build to be "efficient" that way.

Credits: This MOC is based on an existing creation as credited above. Please head over to the designer‘s page and check it out, as I‘m not trying to take credit for someone else‘s work! I added some detail, applied a Micropolis base to the MOC and created the instruction booklet - that is what you pay for. 

Contact me for a discount if you wish to purchase multiple of my Micropolis MOCs at once!

Feedback is always appreciated :-)

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Name Micropolis City Hall
Designer Seraph
Designed 2019
Inventory 1901
Theme Modular Buildings > Mini
Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™
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