70361 - Macy's Mech




Alternate #4 for 70361 - Macy's Mech

Armored robosuits are a staple of the Nexo Knights Theme, and Macy, as well she should - demands equality in all things. When the DropBot technique played out, Macy and her trusty MacyBot repurposed the parts of the dragon to make the Kickiest-Ass suit they could. 

- The suit can outrun all the other mechs, thanks to its long slender legs, quipped with powerful gripping talons, that also allow for fast climbing. 
- Macy can still wield her Nexo-Powered Shield and Mace in the suit's prehensile arms.
- Macy herself stands safe and sound in the armored cockpit, surveying all
- The two shoulder cannons take care of oncoming attackers more than a mile away - Beat that, Aaron!

The mech was built by my 5-year-old almost alone. There are some tender parts, so it does require careful play, but it IS posable and it IS playable, at least to some degree

Enjoy, and check out my other Mech Suits here and here
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Name 70361 - Macy's Mech
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2019
Inventory 110
Theme Nexo Knights
Alternate Build of 70361-1 Macy's Bot Drop Dragon
Gingerbread House
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