4506 Vector cruiser




Using the transparent reflector one can pretend it to be a cockpit. In this model the cockpit is in the front with a cover behind it. The body of the ship is an attempt to be as symmetrical as possible. Of course there are several ways to do so but it liked the black cover better. Overall it went fairly easily although it was not easy to get it structurally sound. I decided quickly to add a second extension at the back. This gave the model a more dynamic feeling. I made two versions. One which only had the front half and one with a more extended back section. I was a bit in doubt about the functional aspect of the extended part, as it also made things a bit too colorful. The attachment to the body is also not that strong so the extended back section can fall off if you don't hold it the right way because body and back section are both somewhat heavy. Nevertheless both versions are alright and the overall design, shape and color scheme look excellent. I have added the more extended version here. Just remove the '-Extended' text from the link to get the shorter version. I am just not sure what this model is supposed to be. It could be an alien spaceship or a kind of submersible.
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Name 4506 Vector cruiser
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 201
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4506-1 Deep Sea Predators
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