Möbius strip in all Technic




A Möbius strip is a surface that has only one side and one edge. It's perhaps hard to imagine, but if you take a strip of paper, twist one end half a turn and glue it to the other end, then you have it. You can also build it out of Lego. This MOC was inspired by a MOC made by LegoOri at Rebrickable.com. After seeing that one, I wanted to make one completely out of Technic Lego and this is the result.

Notice that this MOC has 13 links, i.e 13 sets of yellow bars and black plus gray hinges. It can still work with 10 links, but not less than 10. The more links one adds the longer the strip, which results in a ring that can lie down flat because the twist and the curves can be kept separate.

More photos and instructions here.
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Name Möbius strip in all Technic
Designer Frank_van_der_Most
Designed 2019
Inventory 195
Theme Technic
Gingerbread House
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