It is not so obvious what is diff3r3nt about this remote-controlled Lego Technic car. At a closer look it becomes clear that it runs on two large motors for powering the car and has no specific motor dedicated to steering. The steering is achieved through relative rotation of the large motors. The two differentials separate this relative motion of the large motors and turn it into a steering rotation. All this is only possible with the support of the EV3 Brick and the Mindstorms software that continuously keeps control of the motor power and positions.
At first glance the benefit of this quite complicated approach is not too obvious. However, when considering that the EV3 Brick can only control 4 motors, it becomes clear that this limitation has significant drawbacks. This is best illustrated based on the ROV3R+. The two small motors are not doing much but controlling every now and then the position of the gearbox and the steering. Both actions do not require much power, but they block two motor channels. By using the differential control of the large motors, it is possible to benefit from the full power and use the Mindstorms software to control the steering by maintaining the relative position of the motors.
The present design is optimized for minimum size. Based on this concept it is possible to run the ROV3R+ on 4 large motors and benefit from this maximum power. The steering and gear change would be achieved through the differential gears. This DIFF3R3NT CAR demonstrates that this concept works.

A simple control software can be downloaded here.

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Designer kueden
Designed 2019
Inventory 446 parts
Theme Mindstorms > EV3
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