42046 - Forklift




Alternate #12 for 42046 - Automatic Forklift
This little set just keeps on givin' :)
The Forklift has back HOG steering, disguised as short stack. The "automatic" part comes if you "load" the pullback engine when installing the arm. You can see in the video that when you lower the arm and put it into something, just let it go, and it will lift it on its own :D this joins my Catapult and  Scorpion as reimagining of the pullback engine.
I made the instructions, My 7-year-old built it, and then at my request built the small loading tray so that I could make the video. I was not involved at all with the design of the tray, and I am very pleased with my boy for the effort he put into it.

PS In case the video link below isn't working, you can find it here.
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Name 42046 - Forklift
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2019
Inventory 134
Theme Technic > Model > Construction
Alternate Build of 42046-1 Getaway Racer


  • 8 months ago TurboRatRods (80K) MOC Designer PRO
    Interesting use of the pullback motor.  Thanks for sharing.
    • 8 months ago LegoOri (69K) MOC Designer PRO
      Thank you! The motor really has the power to lift some loads on its own. It is quite a lesson in stored energy.
      It also goes to show how much more power is required to LIFT something, as opposed to just PUSHing it forward. I had to wind the motor quite a bit before it lifted even the small tray my son made for the video clip, while the same winding pushes the standard car alternates very fast!
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