VW Beetle Cabrio




This is a modification of the VW beetle cabrio by Lucky-Ramses.
I thought for a long time if I should append my results to the MOC of Lucky-Ramses, or if I should submit another MOC. I finally decided to submit another MOC, because I assume that users will find it easier then. But I want to point out that the key features of the MOC of Lucky-Ramses (bodywork, and the basic structure of the cabrio roof) are very fine indeed! These basic features of the MOC of Lucky-Ramses made it  possible for me to build the cabrio at all. Thank you, Lucky-Ramses!

So why is my VW Beetle Cabrio another MOC?

The following features are My Own Creation:
• I modified the build of the cabrio roof so that I was able to build it with the parts in my pile, resulting in a modified connection between beetle body and roof. As a side effect, it is finally easier to connect, I think.
• Also, I built the roof "non-studless", while the rest of the beetle is nearly studless designed. I think this gives a neat contrast between the "sheet metal" bodywork and the "fabric" cabrio roof.
• The cabrio roof may be wider, according to photos of the original beetle cabrio. Thus I enlarged its wide from 10 studs to 12 studs.
• For the cabrio, the ventilation slots are not in the narrow part above the bonnet, but in the bonnet itself, according to photos of the original beetle cabrio. Thus I modified the bonnet.
• I re-worked the modifications of the basic beetle, so that it results to a true ALT build of the 10252 - except of the black parts for the cabrio roof, of course. The cabrio roof itself is made from very basic bricks found in nearly every household. :-)
• And finally, I made proper, working step-by-step PDF instructions (which is actually the flaw of the MOC of Lucky-Ramses). Since I made the instructions not for Lucky-Ramses' MOC but for my solution, it was best to publish the instructions as a part of another MOC.
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Name VW Beetle Cabrio
Designer fgee
Designed 2019
Inventory 999 parts
Theme Creator > Creator Expert
Modification of 10252-1 Volkswagen Beetle
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