[Freemium] The 4x 42084 Mini Mack Anthem




This MOC is built only with parts of four times the set “42084 - Hook Loader”.

The intention of this MOC is to reproduce the set “42078 – Mack Anthem”, of course all within the limits of the given parts.

It has a gear driven steering and a full working trailer with an unload mechanism.
The truck itself can be built with only two times the Hook Loader set.

It is Freemium, so there are two building options:
1. With this link to the Mecabricks website you can open this MOC in the Mecabricks
editor and disassemble it as you like. With that option it should be possible to rebuilt
the MOC. You don´t even have to have an account. Just click on the tab "Editor"
right above the 3D model.

2. Because it´s very time consuming to generate the step-by-step instruction, I decided
to make the PDF file premium. With this you have the possibility to support my work, if
you like it and I keep on creating helpful instructions in the future. In every case all
models are freely accessible via the Mecabricks editor. 

You can check the quality of the PDF in this sample version. The full version has 147 pages.

>>> NEW: I added a Coupon code to the documents.
>>> If you buy one PDF, you´ll see an additional *.txt file with the code.
>>> This will give you 50% off to ALL my other MOC´s !!! *
* Of course, this only works for new purchases! No refunds possible!

I´m keen on getting feedback as well as to the instructions, but also about the freemium concept.

With a slight modification to the trailer the Truck is compatible to the trailers of my other MOCs. So, it can be used as a transporter for the 42089 - Power Boat:

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Name [Freemium] The 4x 42084 Mini Mack Anthem
Designer CrashTestTommy
Designed 2019
Inventory 668 parts
Theme Technic
Modification of 42084-1 Hook Loader
Old Trafford
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