70348 - Lance's Flying Drill




Alternate #3 for 70348 - Lance's Flying Drill
Heavily influenced (or jealous) of Axl's Rumble Maker, Lance had his poor put-upon lance-bot make him a similar device.
The vehicle has two sections. When connected, the drill can make it through soft obstacles, like walls of houses, but not of castles, and maybe the smaller trees.
When the parts are separated, the back becomes an anti-air support unit, while the front's wings open and lock into place, with the laser drills on the front, and Nexo-Powered mini-lances on the sides. Lance's only complaint is that he has to stand when piloting the craft, and cannot sit down!
Built by my 7-year-old by my PDF instructions.
I hope you like it. It is much sturdier and more playable than the Lightning Buggy
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Name 70348 - Lance's Flying Drill
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2019
Parts 169
Theme Nexo Knights
Alternate Build of 70348-1 Lance's Twin Jouster
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