4506 Rabid rooster




This model has the same origins as the Sea Dragon in which I was playing with shapes and ideas. It shares the same legs and the head of the rooster was, like the Sea Dragon, already made, before I realised I had the heads for two separate models. I decided to work on the Sea Dragon first as I had the design in my head already. For the rooster I did not have a clear approach yet. The beak may seem a little odd but for some reason it works for me. As the head of the rooster uses several key parts of the body of the Sea Dragon I had to rebuild that from the ground up. There was also the feathered tail of the rooster to consider. I was not sure how I was to tackle that issue until I decided to use two of the hinge bricks so that they would be separate. From there it was a short step to the decision to add a third central section for the tail feathers. Before I started working on those I finished the body so that the remaining parts were what I would have available for the tail section. The wings are tiny but they do the job and I like how the red top matched the red top of the head. Following that I did the same for the central tail using the red hinge plates. The large side tails are a bit of a compromise. There was not much freedom to make much of it but I think it looks fine.

I am very pleased with the final model. For a change I managed to maintain a fair color scheme. Red on top, black for the head and upper body, grey color for the lower head and body, with white for the bottom. The outer tails are a nice mix of grey and blue with a bit of white. It is not perfect but of all the major builds this model looks like a genuine alternate, although I did add some quirky elements here and there which you won't find in a real model. The only downside is that despite my efforts to make the back half heavier the model is unable to stand up by itself. I cheated in the picture by adding a leftover slope brick beneath the body so it wouldn't fall over.
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Name 4506 Rabid rooster
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 260 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4506-1 Deep Sea Predators
Old Trafford
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