Highlander Restaurant




This MOC is an alternate build of set 10246(detective's office) and 10251(brick bank). If you have those two sets, you can build this MOC.

The modular is fully interiored(details below).
1st floor: The kitchen, 8 seats, 4 terrace seats, staurcase
2nd floor: Family room with sliding door, 4 seats, staircase
3rd floor: Residental house with bedroom, kitchen, and restroom, staircase
4th floor: Rooftop shelter, chimney, sun bed

The instructions are divided into 4 PDF files, so you must download them all in the instructions link to build it.

NOTE: -1 Dark Bluish Gray 8x16 plate in the instructions is replaced by 1x 41539(8x8),
              1x 3035(4x8), 1x 3020(2x4), 1x 3032(4x6) all in Dark Bluish Gray.
            -1 Light Bluish Gray 2x4 plate in the instructions is replaced by 1 Dark Bluish Gray
             2x4 plate.
            -1 Tan 1x2 Brick in the instructions is replaced by 2 Tan 1x1 bricks.
            -1 Tan 1x1 round brick in the instructions is replaced by white.
            -4 Trans-Clear 1x4x6 windows in the instructions are replaced by 1x 57895pr0012.
            -1 White 1x2 brick in the instructions is replaced by white 1x2 brick with grill(2877).

If you find an inventory error, please post a comment or send a private message to me to let me fix it!

Enjoy the build!
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Name Highlander Restaurant
Designer studsandtubes
Designed 2018
Inventory 1924 parts
Theme Modular Buildings
Alternate Build of 10246-1 Detective’s Office
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