Solar power transporter official alternate model #1




1 of the 4 official alternate builds for the lego set 6952. Like many others, I'm a huge fan of the lego classic space era, and I own a lot of the lego sets produced during that time. Last week I was looking at the official alternate builds that lego portrayed on the back of the boxes and wondered why they never officially released the instructions for those sets.. I went searching for a few hours on the internet and to my disappointment couldn't find any that's been done with released instructions. Anyways, I have decided to take the matter into my own hands and decided to start making my first LDD 3d model of this set (or my first LDD model ever). I had some issues replicating the build with this software around the 4 special light gray bricks (part#4737) where they are put in an horizontal position... modified it a bit on the 3d model so it could at least look like the "real" model. I'm not claiming that it is 100% accurate but it looked close enough for me! I hope this will start a new trend for the classic space theme fans where more people with more skills(and spare time) than me will start making more of these space sets. I for one will try doing a bunch of official alternate builds from the lego classic space era when I find the time!
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Name Solar power transporter official alternate model #1
Designer bigorsx
Designed 1985
Inventory 188 parts
Theme Space > Classic Space
Alternate Build of 6952-1 Solar Power Transporter
Old Trafford
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