31058 - Chopper




Alternate #11 for 31058 - Monster Chopper
Someone once asked me: "Who told you you can make a helicopter out of any set?". No one did, I guess, by should that stop me?
- Scarily prehensile rotor
- Moving, Taloned legs
- Prehensile tail with spinning back rotor
- Convoluted construction of the engine block. Please check it out, even if you don't like anything else about this build.
- Looks absolutely alien when you start twisting the parts around.
Two caveats: first, it is a bit unstable, but it can be posed without support, and the forward angling gives it a mean attitude. Second, the rotor is free to move, but won't actually spin a whole cirlcle unless you add a 1x1 open stud under the red 1x2 plate.
I started in September 2018, but couldn't make it work. I finally finished it to my liking today, had my 5-year-old build it and find my mistakes. All done. Over to you and any comments and critiques you may have.
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Name 31058 - Chopper
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2019
Inventory 147 parts
Theme Creator > Model > Airport
Alternate Build of 31058-1 Mighty Dinosaurs
Old Trafford
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