Hoonicorn V1 / Custom 1965 Ford Mustang




This, like many other LEGO Hoonicorns, was directly inspired by the one that LEGO designers built for Ken Block as a gift. It surfaced on Facebook as we were all speculating about what sets would be coming out in the 2018 Speed Champions wave, and I think a lot of us were disappointed that this one didn't turn out to be a real set. That said, the final version LEGO gave away had a lot of features I never cared for, such as stickers for taillights, a non-matching trans-clear rear windshield, and a simplified set of stacks on the hood using gold cones instead of the (cooler and more accurate) binocular design seen on the unfinished prototype that LEGO posted on Twitter.

My version aims to fix all this! Here are the things I decided to change:

  • Radiator is now represented by panels instead of cheese slopes to convey depth.
  • Hood stacks now feature binoculars instead of cones, as seen on the prototype. The whole assembly sits a little lower in the hood, too.
  • Side panels have greater depth and texture, as well as more detailed exhaust pipes.
  • Rear windshield is a trans-black angled panel to match the front.
  • Taillights are brick-built.
  • Rear bumper and deck lid badge added.
  • Spoiler now sits on the rear edge of the deck rather than hanging off the back.
  • Interior detailing: steering wheel, gauge cluster, and a textured seat.
  • Slightly more curvaceous / less blocky overall.

Because this is still technically more of a MOD than a MOC, I'm making the instructions free for this one. Be warned, those big black Speed Champions wheel mudguards are expensive! Parts that can be any color (not visible once the model is complete) are represented by the color blue in the instructions.

More of my automotive (and other) MOCs can be seen here on my Rebrickable profile, and on my Flickr!
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Name Hoonicorn V1 / Custom 1965 Ford Mustang
Designer Carbohydrates
Designed 2019
Inventory 210 parts
Theme Speed Champions
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