Ford Mustang In Red




I had the idea of making this in Red in honor of the 1967 Mustang Fastback that my dad had when I was a child. I was doing some research and found that someone had already shared the Studio file for the original version of the set (minus a few new parts like the wheels and parts used on the roof and doors) and so I just made some changes to the file that they shared. The link to the forum post where the original was shared is below.

In this version the exterior of the car has been changed to red and the interior to black. I also added a few parts to finish the trunk so that you don't see the gears when you look inside it.

Every part in this build is manufactured by Lego and available in the colors selected. I've built this car as well; as of the writing of this I'm only waiting on a few parts that I didn't account for. Once those parts arrive I will add some photos of the physical build. For the build I recommend using the Lego instructions for the most part.

Changes From the Original:

  • Exterior color changed to red
  • Interior color changed to black
  • Axle used to connect the steering wheel is a little shorter to get it in black
  • Changed out the axle parts used to connect the wheels so that the axles don't come out past the rims
  • Add floor to the trunk so that it looks complete. (This does impact the wheel height adjustment. You can still adjust it, but it stops at the lowest setting instead of continuing and starting to lift the rear wheels again.)
  • Roof had to be changed a little to accommodate the variant parts used to make the roof. I found that my original design for the roof didn't actually work with real bricks. The file here is modified and is the version that I used on my build.

My source Studio file came from the user BrickWild on the Eurobricks forum and can be found in the link below. BrickWild was nice enough to do the build in Studio and share the file which saved me a ton of time on making my variant of the build. Many thanks goes to him for saving me many hours of work.
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Name Ford Mustang In Red
Designer Haldanite
Designed 2019
Inventory 1330 parts
Theme Creator > Model
Modification of 10265-1 Ford Mustang
Fiat 500 Exclusive
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This MOC also has a 3D digital file available (eg LDD, MPD, etc): 3D Model