French 70's studio flat building




(Updated two times, see below)

Hello everybody, here's my first modular (Sorry if I didn't respect some rules, feel free to correct me).

It's a quite crapy 70's building as we find many in the streets here in France (i lived in one of these for years).
But why not build a magnificent private mansion, simply because I thought it would be quite a too big challenge for me for a first try.
Plus, there are so much beautiful modulars on the web that mine wouldn't have been nice as well with my poor skills.

Concepting a simple building seemed to be a good compromise. By the way, I know that some of my color choices make some of them hard to find, feel free to use the one you want, it's a LEGO building after all.

So, what do we have in this modular :

- first, it provide you the opportunity to build a normal habitation building in your street.
- each floor is independant from the others
- you can build additionnal floors based on second floor to make your building taller (one or two should do the trick). I provide you the LDD file for an empty floor.
- I provide you a file for most of the furnitures of the buildings
- the building is composed of 6 studio flats, one of them is an office. I tried to make them quite different.
- the access to the roof is fully operationnal.
- 3200- pieces .

By the way, this modular is free for multiple reason :
- It's not a masterpiece, I'm aware of that.
- I made it for fun.
- I made it only with LDD, so i didn't spend anything for that, I would feel bad asking money for it.
- And at last but not least, instruction were made with LDD, and the licence doesn't allow me to make money with it.

Have fun with it, feel free to upgrade it and publish it, for free of course.

Regards, Berth.

Links not up to date :
Complete LDD file 
First floor LDD file
Second florr LDD file
Third floor LDD file
Roof LDD file
Empty second floor LDD file
Furnitures LDD file

Update (not up to date, see below) : I've done some rework here, basically, I removed all 5 studs height bricks and replaced them by 1x1 1x2 1x3 and 1x4 bricks.
The old version of the MOC is still available on my bricksafe page.

Inventory has been updated too.

Update  (2018) I finished the pdf instructions and did some minor changes in the part list, but not on rebrickabel for now.
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Name French 70's studio flat building
Designer Berth
Designed 2015
Inventory 3217
Theme Modular Buildings
Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™
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