Benny's X-wing




This MOC is mostly a UCS X-wing (set 10240) with other colors. There are a few slight modifications. Some features:
- Unikitty has a seat behind the cockpit
- Benny's chair is in fact a removable small craft; it can also be seen as an ejection seat
- an Octan robot astronaut has a small craft

I have tried to apply as many parts from Benny's spaceship (set 70816) as possible. Nearly half of the required parts are from this set.

The parts are distributed among 12 virtual sachets which are grouped in an A-group and a B-group. If you like to build this set by two at the same time the less experienced builder does the sachets A and the more experienced builder does the sachets B. When both builders do the sachets with the same number at the same time, builder A provides in subbuilds for builder B at the right moment.
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Name Benny's X-wing
Designer Bolbuyk
Designed 2015
Inventory 1702 parts
Theme Space > Classic Space
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