Creator Drone Mk1 (Steering Wheel Experiment)




This MOC grew out of a comment made to me by a fellow modeler. The idea was "how to use all of those Lego Steering Wheels in a moc". Now I am not quoting them, I am stating my interpretation of the short discussion. So, I pulled out my bag of "steering wheels I was sure I would never use" parts and pulled out the part and studied. This MOC is one of those times when I am "designing around a specific part". So, in this case, I don't know what the MOC will be until I study the part and extrapolate how it could be used in a model, but not as it was intended to be used, which obviously, in this case, was the Lego Minifig Vehicle Steering Wheel (part number 3828c01 or 3829c01). I moved the part around and thought of things I had seen in the world and how close they fit to this very standard Lego part. Eventually, for the first experimentation, I went with the drone concept for a couple of reasons. One, I had the parts to make a prototype, and two, it was quick, modern, and easy. Okay, maybe that is four reasons, but nonetheless, here is my steering wheel drone concept in the Mk1 stage (which means there could be a redesign). It is so simple and effective (thanks to Lego Set 60240 Kayak Adventure which provided the camera element). Also, did not generate an LDR file. The drawings are merely images. This MOC is so simple and so obvious that it really wasn't worth the time to do a 3D drawing. Hopefully, many of you have these parts and can build a simple drone. There are some things I will change in the Mk11, because I will be picking up the kit that has the parts I need, but that's for the Mk11 post. In the meantime, have a build at this and a little fun, if you'd like.

Thanks for looking! See you on the next post!
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Name Creator Drone Mk1 (Steering Wheel Experiment)
Designer zeeverse
Designed 2019
Inventory 24 parts
Theme Creator > Basic Model
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