Scorpion's Soul Pirate Ship




Scorpion's Soul Pirate Ship

Dimensions: [FONT] [/FONT]w:100cm x h:90cm [FONT] [/FONT]

4.1 Kg[FONT] [/FONT]

24 Cannon + 1 Big Cannon[FONT] [/FONT]

Eleven Sails...[FONT] [/FONT]

16+ Age[FONT] [/FONT]

5700 Pcs[FONT] [/FONT]

Totally original technique has been used.[FONT] [/FONT]

Fabric sails, with the exception of any non-original parts used ...[FONT] [/FONT]

My flickr address for a detailed look at the construction stages, and photos.[FONT] [/FONT]

History of Captain Red Hook

Real name: do not even have ....Place of birth: There is not even in the ocean, an island in the Caribbean, but by all accounts has been submitted by the Pirates ...

Age: 48 -?
Up to the age of 15 grew up on its own.
No one knows the fate of his father with his mother ... Then there taken by pirates ship with leadership skills on Windows Start the captain of a rebel was killed and the ship's captain.
Living in the dark ages, great grandson claimed to be named the generation of the legendary Bad Leader Vladek.
Years ago, as a deserted island in this cause left Vladek legendary ship, the''Bad Kingdom of the Scorpion's Soul''and pursues the captain of the ship will you find. Then the captain of another ship, this ship will not do with the end of this ship and pledges.
Red Hook; its name to the left in the hands of the Red Hook alone, which is made of crystal, he wished it to my men in front of his left hand with your own sword and cut his left hand he opened the door for the specially built Crystal Hook ...
Captains in the crew who witnessed it as a great shock and fear, hear a great respect for ...
Scorpion's soul you find the sword of the captain finds within the pavilion according to rumors, it uses Vladek Sword of King sword, and a lot of time can have terrible ...
Vladek deserted island with the ship when the sword of iron, which left the wheelhouse.
They say that;
Sail the seas as it travels away from the telescope to move away from there immediately if you see a ship with Scorpio processing.
If you think for a minute because even if you feel your neck hook to the Red ...
According to some rumors, the Red Hook sharks liked to watch.
This is for the enjoyment of all the crew in front of my men cut their limbs and throw the shark to the sea tend to come ...
With this movement, even without a single word against the poor crew obeyed the captain named the ...
Of his death is still unknown how. Where no one knows when and how.
According to legend, discovered, and the immortality of the Red Hook on the ocean liner in the Caribbean and still walks around like a ghost said ...

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Name Scorpion's Soul Pirate Ship
Designer hasskabal
Designed 2011
Inventory 5701 parts
Theme Pirates
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