4100 Sea cruiser




For this model I wanted to go all out on creating a submersible from the available parts and make it as large as possible. The starting point was the three windscreens. The best one would be on front and the two identical high ones would need to be turned 90 degrees. For the Sea Scout I had attached them from the front and built everything around it, forcing me to encapsulate much of it. I wanted to retain as much window as possible, so I used the two hinge bricks to attach them to the body. I used the two large grey plates to see how I would position them as I would need to be able to build around the hinge bricks as these give no room for other parts to close them off. At that moment I decided the two large grey plates would serve as the basis of the model. Because I wanted to retain as much windscreen as possible a wide top body was discarded and I went for a slender one. With the angular plates I decided on the overall shape and from there on set up the top half. Except for some minor changes for a stronger structural composition this went all as it is now.

The underside was the more tricky one. There were plenty of inverse slops in the set, but in reality there was not that much freedom or variety. The outer wings of the model were also not that strongly attached as the top body did not extend outwards. The set has many long 2 wide plates so those would be too useful to throw away. The tail also needed strengthening and this could be easily done with the plates. In the end I made two variations of the underside. The first version had a more open layout with, with two inlays through which water could flow. When I played with the model I realized these were directly below the outer windscreens, leaving them with just a few plates between the bottom. As I still had plenty of parts left I made a second version in which I filled up the two inlays. This worked out just as fine. I actually like both versions, but I have put the second version up here. Just remove the "-II" from the build link to get the alternate.

After finishing the bottom I started to finish off the model as there were still plenty of parts left. I added the engine on the top and used the remaining white parts to create two wide stripes on the wing. The windscreens still looked to open so I used a variety of red and transparent plates to add another layer that would liven things up. I am quite pleased with the result. There is a pretty good color scheme and the proportions work out quite well.
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Name 4100 Sea cruiser
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 188
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4100-1 Maximum Wheels
Gingerbread House
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