Akiyuki Ball Factory New Style (V3)




The Ball Factory designed by Akiyuki is without doubt the most iconic LEGO Great Ball Contraption and has drawn many into building GBCs including me 3 years ago. With 15 synchronized components the Ball Factory is also the most complex LEGO GBC ever designed.

Originally placed on two big baseplates, it was hard to relocate and reliability was a concern with balls dropping into the complex mechanisms causing jams and need for time consuming resynchronizing.

After 3 years of designing and building my own GBCs I thought it was time to attempt building the Ball Factory as a fully compliant and reliable GBC to take to events. To achieve this I've put all components on a frame and used studless beams for more rigidity. Together with other improvements this resulted in this new style and GBC compliant Ball Factory with much improved reliability. About 50% of the parts of the original Ball Factory are the same.

Free building instruction in 4 parts available under the Building Instructions tab.
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Name Akiyuki Ball Factory New Style (V3)
Designer Berthil
Designed 2019
Inventory 4281
Theme Technic
Harley Davidson Fat Boy
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Submitted by FernandoQ June 16, 2019
Great work done by Berthil.
Very good idea the motor / manual change.
You have to improve the load spiral of the balls.
Congratulations Berthil and thanks for the instructions.
Submitted by FernandoQ June 16, 2019
The Ball Factory of Akiyuki / Berthil working perfectly.
Submitted by FernandoQ June 16, 2019