Buck Rogers Starfighter




A clean slate design of the classic Ralph McQuarrie Buck Rogers Starfighter (along with Buck, Wilma and Twiki!)
As with all of my builds, parts are optimized for cost where possible! And instructions and parts lists are free!
This build has gone through several iterations as well as two physical builds for strength and structure. Playability is good and the landing gear is totally functional (and hidden when tucked away!)
I compared this with blueprints of the ship and the overall proportions and shapes are pretty well inline with the real ship. 

As LDD does not have the 32803 2x2 inverted slope, the instructions will show 23x 24201 but the parts list is for 3x 24201 and 10x 32803 

I have chosen my style of Canopy Computer Options, but several styles could be replaced:
3069bp53 Mars Orbit Display Print
3069bp51 Yellow and Orange Display Print
3069bpr0070 Avionics Copper, Red & Silver Print (main panel)
3069bpr0086 Stylised Computer Console Print (x2)
3069bpr0101 Red 82, Yellow and White Gauges Print

For the Minifigures, my recipe is

Minifig Sports Helmet 46303
Neckwear Bracket [One Stud] 42446
41879 Legs Short (Light Bluish Gray)
973c17 Torso Plain with Light Bluish Gray Arms and Light Bluish Gray Hands
98138 Tile Round 1 x 1 (Pearl Gold)

3901 Wig Brown
92738 Blaster
30370 Rebel Pilot Helmet
White Torso and Legs (I've found the body of some of the white-suit imperial officers makes a nice replacement for a plain white torso)

This is a fun build with great playability! Have fun! 

If you build this or have any suggestions - please post and share!


Made a couple very small design changes (new parts list reflects the additions) and updated the instructions in a couple areas to improve the build steps.
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Name Buck Rogers Starfighter
Designer apenello
Designed 2019
Inventory 536 parts
Theme Space
Old Trafford
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