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Hey there!

First of all I want to thank everybody for your support on my Millennium Falcon! 

-- As you see I finally got to built my falcon after finishing the instructions in
Now this one comes along with some tiny updates to the instructions and the digital model. I did some little fixes for strength and sorted out little bugs here an there. ---

finally I am able to share my first ever made Lego MOC.

The key facts :
Total Bricks: 3361
Demensions : 56 studs long (44,6cm); 41 studs wide (32,8cm) and 27 studs high (22,2cm)

What started about a year ago as modding the original 7965 Set ended up with a little more changes than expected.

First of all I need to give credits to all the models that inspired me most. So big credits to Kit Bricksto (scale and interior), Inthert (scale and interior), Joerg Kuehni (mandibles), Frenk512 (docking rings) and Ron Mcphatty (cockpit design). Many of their details ended up in this Falcon. I also loved to see the mods people did on the great UCS Millennium Falcon and I tried to get as much detail of the UCS into this scale as possible.

Well, the reasons for choosing the Falcon in systemscale are quite simple: Not enough Money for the UCS; Not even enough Space in my flat for the size of the UCS and I wanted to fit the Falcon to the other Lego sets I own from back in the days.
So I try to stick with the original size.

I share this moc because I want to see how this can evolve to an even better version.
Therefore I would like to see the selling Instructions as kind of donation. If you look for the free model with integrated instructions, please follow this link for Bricklink.

I feel honored by everyone who tries building this falcon himself and I would love to see your modifications!
Please keep me updated with your Ideas and creations.

And most of all I hope you will have fun with this one!


stifos - Millennium Falcon - Brickbuilt by sti fos, auf Flickr

stifos - Millennium Falcon by sti fos, auf Flickr

stifos - Millennium Falcon - interior by sti fos, auf Flickr

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Name stifos - Millennium-Falcon
Designer stifos
Designed 2019
Inventory 3361 parts
Theme Star Wars
Old Trafford


  • 4 months, 2 weeks ago The Purposive Brick Level 4
    Not a huge fan of the Falcon, but it looks well represented especially at this smaller scale!
  • 4 months, 3 weeks ago Sendek01 Level 5
    I've been working on this since late June.  I'm currently waiting on parts to complete steps 89-104.  Everything prior to 89 is in place and complete.  I'm sitting at 95% of the parts required overall.   Tracking down some of the parts has been tricky, with a couple of parts proving to be completely unobtainable in Europe.     I'm probably going to make a few minor changes along the way to work around what parts I can't get.  So far, the only problem I've found relates to step 76 - there is nothing to attach the 2 1x3 beige tiles too, added in a couple 87087 to resolve this.   I'm really enjoying the build overall.  So many interesting design aspects.  I'll keep you posted on the rest of the build :-)
    • 4 months, 3 weeks ago stifos Level 8 Designed this MOC
      Hi Sendek01,
      Thank you very much for your feedback! Great to hear you enjoy building the model. And thanks for the advising.
      Actually the issue at step 76 I noticed assel when rebuilding the falcon, the current building instructions (2.0 from 6th July) fixed this issue along with some other minor problems as step order. I would advise you to download the current instructions, especially before building the docking bays, that's where I changed the order of steps. It should be free to download as you already purchased the instructions. otherwise tell me!
      again thank you very much! And I would be curious to see if you have any nice updates for the model!
      • 4 months, 3 weeks ago Sendek01 Level 5
        Thanks for the update, I've downloaded the revised plans.  I noticed you made a change to steps 60 and 73 - the part removed was one of the pieces I had not been able to track down in Europe.  You might want to consider an alternate for 3680, 86 as they are proving almost impossible to obtain.  You might also consider reviewing the use of so many 2x2 tiles in steps 104 and 107, these again are proving hard to track down at a reasonable price, so I've chosen to go with a combination of 1x2 and 2x4 tiles of the same colour.   Hopefully by the end of the month I'll be up step 150 :-)
      • 4 months, 3 weeks ago Sendek01 Level 5
        Hello, I need a bit on help please.  I'm stuck on step 110.  I can't get the two pieces that make up the base of the couch to align like they do in the instructions.
      • 4 months ago Sendek01 Level 5
        Hello, I've got a problem and I'm unsure if this is due to a construction error or an issue with the plans.  I'm up to step 474 and I'm trying to attach the gunnery station module to the underside of the Falcon - but the module is 1 stud too wide left and right to fit.  I've been back over the plans for the construction of the underside and I can't see where I've gone wrong. Is there a known issue in this area?
        • 4 months ago stifos Level 8 Designed this MOC
          Hi sendek, 
          The top end of the curved slopes should tightly fit into the gap of the docking bays. Unfortunately I can make a photo not before next Tuesday. But maybe if you have a look at step 488 you see the gunnery in place.
          • 4 months ago Sendek01 Level 5
            Thanks for the reply, I'm currently back tracking to see if I've made a mis-step somewhere which is entirely possible.   As it stands, the lower gunnery station overlaps the docking bays by about 1 plate thickness both sides.   The upper gunnery station fits like a glove so I'm moving on to completing the upper outer hull.
          • 3 months, 4 weeks ago Sendek01 Level 5
            I've back tracked and gone over the mid section module step by step and I've ended up making a minor change to the design that allows the lower gunnery station ring to sit in place.  If you can message me an e-mail address where I can send you some photos I will show you what I've done.
  • 5 months, 1 week ago dentalcorp Level 11 PRO
    Built it 2 months ago. It looks great but it is fragile. Perfect for display, not to play. The principal design flaws are the round assembly on each side. They will never hold and look like the rending. Those 2 assembly are to redone an other way.
    • 5 months ago stifos Level 8 Designed this MOC
      Thank you very much! I really appreciate your comment! Many People Salinger about the strength of the model and if it is playable. So honest feedback ist very helpfull.
      And you are right, the dockingrings you a Talking about are the most fragile Part of the ship. So this along with some other parts might  be sth to change if you really want it for better play use.

      Thanks again! I d Love to here more of  experiences
    • 4 months ago Sendek01 Level 5
      I've just rebuilt the two round units on my build.  I've gone with using slops to create a round module, but have also tied it into the main structure so these are now strong enough so I can use them to pick the Falcon up.
      • 4 months ago stifos Level 8 Designed this MOC
        I would really love to to see your modifications! Any ideas to push the design of this model are welcome at any time.
  • 7 months, 1 week ago jordaquigo Level 7
    Excellent MOC. I'm really impressed with how well done it is. Was the stand to display it vertical your idea or a set?
    • 7 months ago stifos Level 8 Designed this MOC
      Thank you very much. Actually the Vertical Stand is a custom one I built with spare parts after I had a look at Efferman‘s stand. My one is not that special but it does its Job. Maybe I can take a picture later
  • 7 months, 2 weeks ago gradientArray Level 11 MOC Designer
    Pretty darn obvious that this is soo much better than all of the falcons LEGO made. Heck, I dare say this has better detail than the recent UCS Falcon. Interior, makes the UCS ones interior look childish. But it is also pretty obvious that lego will never go this far into detail since they have requirements to keep.
    • 7 months ago stifos Level 8 Designed this MOC
      thank you very much for the support!
  • 7 months, 3 weeks ago stifos Level 8 Designed this MOC
    I want to thank everyone for their support! I really appreciate that you like my falcon.
    As you see I finally got to built my falcon after finishing the instructions in
    Now this one comes along with some tiny updates to the instructions and the digital model. I did some little fixes for strength and sorted out little bugs here and there.

    I am proud to say that I got the Instrustions working and the structure of the Model is strong enough to carry it around.

    have a look for the digital model if you like: Bricklink
  • 7 months, 4 weeks ago Daz39 Level 17
    Love the smoother, rounder feel to it.
  • 8 months, 1 week ago brick_dd Level 12 MOC Designer
    This looks amazing! Great work. I really like the photoshop work over the backgrounds too!
  • 9 months ago tiyoyo Level 7
    Super boulot !! Tu utilises, a peu pres, combien de pourcentage du set 7965 ? Pour savoir si il vaut mieux acheter le set ou la pièce détachés. Merci
    Great job !! Approximately how much of the 7965 set is used? To know if it is better to buy the set or the spare part. Thank you
    • 9 months ago Chazzmo Level 11
      18,5 %.
    • 9 months ago stifos Level 8 Designed this MOC
      Merci beaucoup! Thanks to Chazzmo for fast reply. I used more Parts of the 7965 in my brickbuilt version but after redesign in there is not that much left. So Might be not necessary buying the the 7965. thanks again!
  • 9 months, 2 weeks ago KristofPucejdl Level 12 MOC Designer
    One happy customer here! Kudos for the generosity as well as very nice design and thoughtfully crafted instructions.
  • 9 months, 2 weeks ago Legofett Level 8
    First of all love it ! Great presentation and representation of the falcon. One question are the mandibles just a little short ? Maybe 2 more bricks in length, that is what I'm thinking of doing if and when i have a crack at your awesome design. No malace intended total respect and appreciation.
    • 9 months, 2 weeks ago stifos Level 8 Designed this MOC
      thank you ver much, I appreciate your comments! I think I know what you mean. I know there are proportions that don’t really fit, e.g. the size of the window at the gun turrets or the size of the access bays of the mandibles…. But if I would make the mandible longer, they would get wider aswell, or the space between them would be too small.
      infact, I tried to make the acces bays a little smaller using flex tube so the second ones don't get covered.

      MOC vs 7965 Top View by sti fos, auf Flickr
  • 9 months, 2 weeks ago PsiborgVIP Level 18 MOC Designer
    Well done cramming all those details in there!
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