ALT 75155 EV Rover




The challenge here was to create a model as different as possible from what comes in the box.

The inclusion of multiple round pieces used for the ship’s engines (PART 41531) gave birth to the idea of making a sort of Electric Vehicle (or EV). Something that could roam the surface of a planet but that is not constrained by the official model’s theme.

To my surprise, the lack of traditional rubber tires and the balance of white and blue colors gave the vehicle a kind of unintentional futuristic look. The smooth roundness of the wheels have a good contrast versus the sharp edges of the opening cockpit, and the body. Overall, it brings to mind perhaps a clinical high-tech future that is rarely considered.

From this view, it’s easy to see the cargo space that adds a small functionality, along with the opening cockpit, that should be able to accommodate one mini-figure although it may not be perfect. The front wheels are attached to friction-less pins allowing free rotation, so it can be played with as a normal car.

Being an unusual build, each step on the instructions is made using only a few pieces at a time. That should make it easy for builders of all ages to follow.

And if you are like me, and just want to see a SPACESHIP!!! Here is the original model, enjoy.

Difficulty: Beginner
Construction Steps: 79
Pages: 45

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  • The instructions are created and exported into a ".PDF" file, it is your responsibility to find a suitable program for opening the file.
  • A sample page is included in the description for your consideration.

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Name ALT 75155 EV Rover
Designer RenderMOC
Designed 2018
Inventory 170
Theme Star Wars > Star Wars Rogue One
Alternate Build of 75155-1 Rebel U-Wing Fighter
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