11214-TRR Rat Rod Speeder




This MOC was built using only leftover parts after building Xperment's MOC-11214.  You can checkout Xperiment's other MOCs by clicking here.

Times were tough in Pizzaville after the Great Depression.  Kuz'n Kramer's Pizza Delivery Van had been repo'ed.  Never one to give up, Kuz'n Kramer scrounged up enough bits and pieces to cobble together a Rat Rod Pizza Delivery Speeder.  To save money on fuel, he even had to give up his signature hairdo to make the Rat Rod more aero efficient.  Every penny counted in this new day and age.  He was so embarrassed after his new haircut, that he did a comb over as a disguise.  Fortunately, he had an instrument flight rating and had also been going to night school to learn the secrets of the Jedi.  This made flying blind survivable.  On another note, Kuz'n Kristy informed him that she wouldn't be caught dead in such a contraption.  Alas, Kuz'n Kramer is working a lot of overtime to make ends meet.

Yes, I know, the story is as lame as the MOC.  I just couldn't stand to see all those leftover pieces sitting there.

The building instructions are something new for me.  I call them the Quick Build.  Starting on the left side of the file and moving to the right, all sub-assemblies are show.  They are simple enough that they should be easy to build.  At the far right is the complete assembly.  Make sure the Groups tab is the current tab. and use the hide tool and start at the top of the groups list and hide them in order.  Use the Undo tool to see the sub-assemblies reappear in building order.
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Name 11214-TRR Rat Rod Speeder
Designer TurboRatRods
Designed 2019
Inventory 39
Theme Creator
Alternate Build of 60150-1 Pizza Van
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May 31, 2019, 2:41 a.m.
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