X Wing Upgrade




Still Flying an old T-65?
Finding it ever harder keeping up with the competition, or more importantly, getting away from them?
Have your eye on a T-70, but are low on credits?
No problem, we here at ReCon Salvage and Spares have the solution for you. For a fraction of the price of a T-70, we will fit your old T-65 with a full Incom-FreiTek 5L5 fusial thrust engine and a Taim and Bak KX12 weapons upgrade, putting YOU back in the game.
ReCon Salvage and Spares, we salvage the galaxy, so you don't have to.

This is my conception of what a mercenary or bounty hunter could achieve with a T-65 approximately 30 ABY. I have rebuilt the T-65 using the engine design of the T-70 and lowered the thrusters to give the fighter a lower profile, also giving the pilot better visibility, as such, this design would better suit a solo mercenary or bounty hunter..
Transverse droid socket for a more original finish.
The S-Foils have a built in clamping system which holds the S-Foils securely closed and prevents the S-Foils from drooping, this system uses the weight of the S-Foils to function and not studs or bars and clamps. 
Fitted the S-Foils with an internal rubber band system for a cleaner look and this will have to be fitted before placing the top plates and the finishing curved plates on the engines, this method also pairs the S-Foils prior to fitting to the fuselage. The photos detailing the rubber band placement are available at Bricksafe and will show how to do this as it is impossible to show it in Studio. The rubber band is doubled over the handles of the 1x2 modified plates. After fitting the S-Foils, you then fit the actuators by opening the S-Foils by hand and placing them onto the axles. You can fit the actuators before the S-Foils but this is a bit fiddly.

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Name X Wing Upgrade
Designer Theoderic
Designed 2019
Inventory 785 parts
Theme Star Wars
Modification of 9493-1 X-wing Starfighter
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