United Nations of Earth - Civilian Fleet (Microscale)




The UNE civilian fleet is composed of three micro scale starships, designed for the transport and housing of, mostly, the civilian colonists. Each ship has a spinning ring that simulates gravity.

The ring does not - manually - spin without a small modification of one brick, which is up to you to apply or not.
The instructions, carefully made in pdf format with stud.io, include the lego supports for display.

The three ships are meant to be part of a bigger fleet, which includes supplies/cargo vessels, military vessels (fighter carriers, corvettes), different space stations and more. Feel free to explore the other MOCs of the series! 

Here is a tiny bit of lore if you happen to be interested:
In the not so far future, humanity has nearly exhausted Earth's resources and ruined the planet, that has become too warm and too polluted. Human countries that have not gone bankrupt or have undergone nuclear fallout finally stop fighting useless wars against each other, and unite in a federation that covers the whole remaining habitable Earth.
The United Nations of Earth spend all the resources they have left to become a spacefaring civilisation. They spend years to research new thruster technologies, and habitat solutions. They build space research stations, small ships, orbital farms, and finally, they manage to build a fleet of starships to explore the galaxy. 
The fleet's core is the colonial ship group: the "Revolution", the "Explorer" and the "Harmony". 
The Revolution's main purpose is the housing of the colonials. The living quarters are located in the two spinning rings that simulate gravity. It contains also the medical bay and medical research facilities. 
The Explorer contains all Human knowledge and all pure science and technological research and development labs. It has a small unarmed shuttle that can detach to survey planets or other astronomical objects. 
The Harmony contains all animal species and flora that Humans decided to bring on their first journey in the depths of space, and all biological research and food that needs to be grown fresh. 

If you want the rings to spin, you can choose to modify this lego part as shown in the last picture. I have now built at least one of the ships myself, and i can confirm that the rings spin with very little friction. A real life picture is now added to the gallery, and if you follow the gallery link you can also find a video of the spinning rings.

Have fun building!

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Name United Nations of Earth - Civilian Fleet (Microscale)
Designer _Nihal_
Designed 2019
Inventory 593
Theme Space
Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™
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