Fair Ground Spinner




This fairground ride is operated by turning the top handle. As it rotates the cars rotate and swing in and out. The base is adjustable and includes a self tensioning unit allowing it to handle unbalanced loads on the arms. The cars fit 16 minifigures in total and include restraining arms.

Picture of actual model available on the linked bricksafe page (home page).

Build notes:
- There are a number of groups set up to help with the build, they can all be built separately and assembled:
1. Base
2. Arm unit with two arms. (When attaching any of the arm units make sure you syncronise the arm swings, easily done by observation of the spinning levers inside. I set them to all swing in and out at the same time but alternating the swings works justs as well)
3. Single Arm
4. The Other Single Arm and the two smaller groups used to fix them in place.
5. Cars
- The suspension arms should have the upper clip changed to the other side so it clips into the piece behind it under a slight tension.
- The linear actuators for the legs should be on the axle running underneath them.
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Name Fair Ground Spinner
Designer morphious
Designed 2015
Inventory 1287 parts
Theme Technic
Old Trafford
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