Hermione Granger's Wingardium Leviosa Mech Suit




My 1st decent try at creating a piloted mech suit with only the parts of two sets of 71348. Oh and also as an extra object for hermione or maybe even the mech to levetate, i ended up building a boulder made out of various types of rocks with the few leftover pieces. Next might be the big ole moc using only parts from three sets of 71348 but an alt for the bane pack may come before that and all that, who knows really?

I haven't tried to make any alts for the tina goldstein fun pack aka the fantastic beasts one but it seems a tough one especially since i love all three alt builds, still challenge accepted i guess. Look forward to more from me, i hope you enjoy my creations. Lego for me is a big thing :) Oh and a tour of my sort of in progress/sorta basically done lego room will be going up on my youtube channel soonish by the way (well it's my bedroom really but its more lego than clothes and other such stuff ha) :P

Bigger things/sets? Well eventually :P

Anyways i hope you enjoy my work and if you like the build, it would be much appreciated if you could consider clicking the like button.
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Name Hermione Granger's Wingardium Leviosa Mech Suit
Designer AHermitThatDoesLegoIGuess
Designed 2019
Inventory 124
Theme Dimensions
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