Hermione's Kick Ass Mech Suit & Bird Summon




A MOC mech suit i made using only pieces from 3 copies of 71348. Oh and a nice looking 4 winged bird summon i decided to make from some unneeded pieces as a bonus addition to the mech as its a bit bare on its own. It also includes magical rockets and a self substaining protection spell for the person piloting it. Mind you i wasn't feeling my best this thursday when i built this, which is rare for me as i hardly ever feel ill. Recorded the videoed instructions the next day though and i am happy to say i think they are the best of my instructional videos so far.

Though gosh this was a pretty tough build to come up with and even now its done, it is still not the best it coukd be in my opinion. Obviously better than my superman and bane fun pack robotic garage fail build i made today and didn't upload. Anyways i got the cool looking legs built easily and they looked all cool like but of course it couldn't stand up using these legs in their cooler positons once i added the cockpit/protection spell/summoning ritual bits and pieces.

Anyways i hope you enjoy my work and if you like the build, it would be much appreciated if you could consider clicking the like button.
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Name Hermione's Kick Ass Mech Suit & Bird Summon
Designer AHermitThatDoesLegoIGuess
Designed 2019
Inventory 160
Theme Dimensions
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