4100 Bat cruiser




The Heavy Cruiser contained a few new ideas that formed the inspiration for this model. The starting point were the wings and the central frame. For a change I decided to allow myself to use the necessary parts to make the wings as dynamic as possible, considering I had based them on two large plates. I kept the front section simple and symmetric and this gave exactly the desired shape I had wanted. At this point I had not been aiming for a specific shape but the bat-shape was quite clear now. I had to do the back section with the remaining parts. I had already used quite a few angular bricks so I needed to approach this differently. Another issue was that for a change I started the back section the other way around from my usual setups, as in that I had to build it like a front section. First I had to get the main part to be solid and strong. To connect the back section with the central frame and the front section I had several long sloped bricks. I decided to use them as effectively as possible, which lead to a rather complicated construction. Surprisingly enough I conceived and created it all in one go with hardly any modifications. I simply looked at what I got and what I needed and build my way towards it. I was sure it would fit just nicely and it did. After that it was just finishing off the design and improving the look and feel as far as I could. I am very pleased with the result. It certainly is one of my favourites and I had not expected I would still be able to pour another great one out.
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Name 4100 Bat cruiser
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 187
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4100-1 Maximum Wheels
Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™
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