21020 Trevi Castle




While building the Trevi Fountain, I immediately began thinking of an alternate build, of a castle on a rocky shore, with water. This is my first attempt. In the future, I might start with the same base, and try a different castle - something more... tidy. In addition to the PDF of steps, you can view 3D steps here.

I think it's a shame how many MOCs are now premium - you have to pay for them. I'd pay a dollar or two for some MOCs (and for some I'd pay more if I love it), but when they're $4-$5 each, before you even know if it's well built and if you'll like it... I'm not a fan of that. Mine will always be free. If you love a MOC of mine and want to paypal me a buck or two, that would be lovely, but you certainly don't have to. paypal.me/CathyVT
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Name 21020 Trevi Castle
Designer CathyVT
Designed 2019
Inventory 435
Theme Castle
Alternate Build of 21020-1 Trevi Fountain
Gingerbread House
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June 9, 2019, 11:55 p.m.
13.4 MB
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