Uncertainty (Coalition Vampire class heavy starfighter)




Uncertainty is a heavy fighter belonging to the Vampire class. Among with the smaller Cockchafer class light fighter Vampires are the most common ships in the Coalition fleet. Its white and gray painting is typical to this organizations. Equipped with six laser gun which give enough firepower to fight against worst enemies. Strong lights and powerful radar give its pilot abilities to fly even in very bad environmental condition. powered by ion reactor and three big engines. Four more small ones gives Vampire incredible maneuverability and speed boost if needed. Two anti-gravity cells help flying in the atmosphere and also contain shield generators.
Crew consist of two people: pilot and gunner. There exist some Vampires that have only one person as a crew, or pilot plus robot. But they aren't very popular.
This particular ship belongs to one of the best pilots in Coalition fleet Kaspar Sheer. Lost several years ago was found lately at the other side of Galaxy. Ship is modified a little bit.

I started designing this ship from wings, which requires a lot of work and many changes. Than I made an attachment part, which in fact was one of the hardest in whole model. Than came hull, with nose that was changed numbers of time, interior and roof at the end.

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Name Uncertainty (Coalition Vampire class heavy starfighter)
Designer KarolWes
Designed 2019
Inventory 568
Theme Space
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