Batman Themed Full RC Forklift - The BatFork




How does Batman deal with the logistical challenges of the Batcave? With the BatFork of course!

As a former forklift operator, I wanted to build a realistically operating forklift so I set a challenge to see how small I could make one that is also fully remote controlled.

Having looked around the internet, I think this one is up there with the smallest functional MOC forklifts around at just 14 studs wide, 44 studs long (with forks) and 24 studs high, with a max. height of 42 studs and 32 studs of lifting range.

It has a turning circle that is mostly close to a real forklift, but space restraints led to discarding a steering mechanism that gave it a real turning radius (inner wheel  essentially turning on the spot).

It has the following power functions and features:
 - 1x L motor for drive
 - 1x M motor for steering via a linear actuator for precise steering
 - 1x M motor for raising the 2 stage forks via string
 - 1x M motor for tilting of the mast via 2x mini linear actuator
 - 1x rechargeable or 1x AAA non-rechargeable battery box
 - 2x V1 IR receivers and 1 or 2x IR remote control

Due to it's small size, cable management is a headache but that can be solved basically by stuffing the cables into any gap that is away from gears.

I don't have them, but I think an SBrick or BuWizz would greatly improve the playability of the forklift as more accurate control is needed than what a standard IR remote can give.

The instructions are a pdf generated from with 123 steps over 107 pages. The instructions are not 1-3 parts per step but can have up to 10-20 parts in each. Therefore a reasonable amount of experience is required and is not likely going to be easy for beginners.
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Name Batman Themed Full RC Forklift - The BatFork
Designer dillonm
Designed 2019
Inventory 751
Theme Technic
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