42078 Dry Van (Box) American-style semitrailer




Dry van (box) semitrailer compatible with 42078 Mack(R) Anthem set and other compatible MOCs.
*Also available in "42078 American-style semitrailers pack" bundle.

The model consists of 1097 parts.
Approximate parts price (BrickLink data): 189.666 USD
Model dimensions (WLH): 15.8/64.9/25.6 Stud, 5/20.5/8.1 Inch, 12.6/51.9/20.5 cm
Model weight: 1 314.6 g

The truck is a LEGO(R) Technic set 42078 Mack(R) Anthem and is not included in this model.


Great compatible with newly released 2-axles Box trailer[FONT]:[/FONT]


  • 2019-11-07 Updated the building instruction: now it has axles dimensions. Sorry, if their absence caused any efforts.
  • 2019-07-11 Updated the building instruction: now it is made in Studio (BrickLink) and the quality is very good! Please re-download it as it has some minor changes and steps optimization.
  • 2019-06-24 Re-uploaded the PDF file with building instructions. It had disappeared somehow and now is available.

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Name 42078 Dry Van (Box) American-style semitrailer
Designer VoidSerpent
Designed 2019
Inventory 1097
Theme Technic > Model > Traffic
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Submitted by rcjoce Sept. 10, 2019
Submitted by rcjoce Sept. 2, 2019
Submitted by rcjoce Aug. 26, 2019
Submitted by PsiborgVIP July 18, 2019
Looks ideal teamed with the Mack. I finished it just before the new instructions were available, typical!
Submitted by Jallington59 July 2, 2019
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO June 22, 2019
The box trailer is a nice addition to the Mack. I really like the modular design.
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO June 22, 2019
Movable Tandem axles are a nice feature
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO June 22, 2019
Good cargo door design
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO June 22, 2019
Trailer and kingpin position are perfect for the Mack