American-style Semitrailers pack for 42078 Mack Anthem




This pack contains all three MOC at a cheaper price:

The truck is a LEGO Technic (r) set 42078 Mack Anthem and is not included in this model.

  • Compatible with the official 42078 Mack Anthem model, its MODs, C-Models and other tractors with the similar fifth wheel position and construction. 
  • Pendular suspension for different road surfaces
  • Raise and lower supports using mini Linear Actuator
  • Wheel chockers
  • Towing hitch for additional trailers and/or converter dollies.
  • The floor is as low as possible for rigid construction and given wheels size.
  • Sliding tandem axles for better weight distribution/measurability balance.
  • Dry van only[FONT]: [/FONT]Modular building that allows extending the semitrailer by additional sections (+12L each). See the commented steps in the building instruction.
  • The main kingpin position allows coupling with 4-axles tractors (3-axles rear tandem)
  • Dry van only[FONT]: [/FONT]The secondary possible position for the kingpin for tractors with deep central fifth wheel position.
  • Dry van only: Openable rear gate with locks (borrowed from the official A-Model's container)

  • 2019-07-11 Updated the building instruction for Dry Van (Box) semitrailer: now it is made in Studio (BrickLink) and the quality is very good! Please re-download it as it has some minor changes and steps optimization.

Buying this MOC building instruction you're getting all of them as individual PDF and LXF files.

Notice that the inventory for this MOC contains the total parts list for all three models as if you need to build them at the same time.

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Name American-style Semitrailers pack for 42078 Mack Anthem
Designer VoidSerpent
Designed 2019
Inventory 2349 parts
Theme Technic > Model > Traffic
Modification of MOC-25700 American-style Dry Van (Box) Semitrailer for 42078 Mack Anthem
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