Xenomorph (Alien)




This is my MOC of the Xenomorph from the Alien Movies! 
It’s based on the MOC of GrantMaster on Instagram. I tried to had details and change the shape of the legs. I don’t know if it’s exactly like that but I thought it was a cool shape! 

I made 3 versions : 
- Standard
- Mouth Crusher
- Acid Split.

The Xenomorph is fully articulated : Neck shoulder, arms, legs, feet, tail, chest…
As you can see, the Xenomorph is too big compared to a minifig but maybe in an Alien univers it could be like that! 

I hope you enjoy the build!

If you have some remark or problem with the instructions, let me know and I will correct. Don’t hesitate if you have questions!

Moreover, could you post pictures of yours when you finish to build it and write a comment below please? Thanks ! :)
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Name Xenomorph (Alien)
Designer BricksFeeder
Designed 2019
Inventory 92
Theme Space
Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™
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