Aircraft Pushback Tractor




Machines of this kind is mainly used at airports when towing aircrafts to parking or vice versa - to the runway. I think everyone who has ever been in the large airports, have seen similar tugs. Less a similar technique can be found in seaports or any other freight terminals that require towing heavy loads.

This tug has four-wheel drive by two XL motors, independent steering front and rear axle on two servo motors, lifting mechanism cabin with 1 M motor, as well as a system of four mechanical jacks driven by two motors L or M. Full remote management for that answer 3 infrared receiver, and power models provide two large battery pack located on the sides, and of course, he has V10 on board!

Original model designer - filsawgood
Link to original model -
Instruction by - Steelman14a

Note: Add some extension wires to connect motors and servo
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Name Aircraft Pushback Tractor
Designer Steelman14a
Designed 2019
Inventory 1997
Theme Technic
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June 24, 2019, 8:15 p.m.
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Submitted by joonghyung Sept. 1, 2019
Submitted by joonghyung Sept. 1, 2019
Submitted by BertZelf July 11, 2019
Just for fun ;-)
Submitted by BertZelf July 11, 2019
Flat and closed roof using sBricks. No need to have the infrared receivers peep through the roof.
Submitted by BertZelf July 11, 2019
Removed 2 beams (1x5 thin 11478) and added 2 beams (1x4 thin 32449) so the sBricks will not interfere with the roof.