Joe's Cantina




Hi there, your minifigs are coming back from work and are a bit tired ? Why not heading to Joe's cantina in order to eat a delicious snack.

Pizza, fries, hot dog, panini, kebab...

This building is a 1600+ bricks building.
- the first floor is the cantina
- the second floor is an appartment
- the attic seems to be unknown.
- each floor is independant as you can see on the pictures.
- each part is an existing one, even if this modular is 3d file only.

This time again, this moc is free for multiple reasons :
- It's not a masterpiece, I'm aware of that.
- I made it for fun.
- I made it only with LDD, so i didn't spend anything for that, I would feel bad asking money for it.
- And at last but not least, instruction were made with LDD, and the licence doesn't allow me to make money with it.

Have fun with it, feel free to upgrade it and publish it, for free of course.

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Name Joe's Cantina
Designer Berth
Designed 2015
Inventory 1622
Theme Modular Buildings
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