Tatooine Single House Building; TAT01




I’d like to present to you my interpretation of a Tatooine themed MOC building. It is the first of several planned builds I have for this 'theme'. I plan to label these as TATxx where xx increases with each build.

It is based on background buildings seen in Episodes I and IV, whilst also drawing on the buildings in the SW BF2 game with my own spin/interpretation of it – i.e. what I think looks aesthetically pleasing and fits into the Tatooine 'world'.

It contains a detachable roof which can be customised. For example, the dome piece (and mounting point) can be removed to create a flatter, large vent system instead. There is also a functioning door with two possible colours advised – one in DBG like those in Lego's own Mos Eisley sets, and a more movie accurate dark orange colour for extra customisation. This opening door function is neatly hidden away at the side of the building.

The interior is mostly empty - mainly left up to your own interpretation, but I’ve included suggestions for light, gun and binoculars within the instructions. The removable roof allows easy access to provide extra scope and playability. One example that I like to think this is, is a home for a Mos Eisley Cantina patron with 'homemade aerials' trying to capture the local broadcasts or streaming the pod racing.

The building really 'comes alive' when figures and details outside give it a richer experience.

Any comments are welcome and please leave a message/query if you spot an error within the instructions. I shall try my best to quickly correct it.

  • Photos may be slightly different to the instructions - I substituted parts during the build but streamlined/tweaked the design it when using LDraw
  • 4 off 8x16 plate and 1 off 8x8 can be replaced by a 32x32 tan baseplate. I opted for the former within the model as it is the slightly cheaper option, however I built this on the baseplate seen in the photos (baseplate added as a spare piece)
  • Parts for both coloured doors are included, feel free to only part out / use one version. Orange looks visually better/more movie accurate in my opinion. The default piece count includes both doors. (The instructions place the DBG door inside the building just to keep the exterior looking tidy)
  • The vent and supporting piece are also optional to give you two different roof styles. If opting for the dome, these pieces are not required.
  • I advise 3070b (LBG) is replaced with part 3070bpb096 however LDraw does not have this piece present and I had problems getting LPub to recognise it (part is included as a spare). Shown in the photos
  • The two sloping pillars at the front are again optional. These are inspired from background images seen in SWBF2. My theory is they tie up a Dewback/other wild creatures outside buildings - see photo
  • The rope with studs (14226c11) does not appear correctly in the instructions but does in LDraw. The studs enter the rear of the pillar and rotate to give the angle shown in the pictures
  • I've incorporated the sticker from the official Lego Cantina 75205 set. Parts 63864 (dark tan) and 99781 (LBG) can be replaced with a single part 3023 (tan) to remove this sign if required

The cost importing the complete parts list to Bricklink (i.e. assuming you own no pieces) and using the auto-select feature is approximately ~£35 + s/h costs. I've tried my best to not use rare pieces. The most expensive part(s) typically being the base.

Please feel free to share your photos of this MOC and the variant(s) you embody in your scenes.

I hope you enjoy it and thank you for looking!

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Name Tatooine Single House Building; TAT01
Designer azzer86
Designed 2019
Inventory 318 parts
Theme Star Wars
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