42077 Offroad Pickup




This is my alternate/C-model for the Rally Car 42077. It has front wheel steering, a V6 engine driven by the rear wheels, suspension for all wheels (front individually, swing arm suspension in the rear) and openable doors.

While the official model has the engine in the back, I wanted a more classical configuration with the engine in the front for this model, and still have the Hand of God steering on top of the cabin. This wasn't easy, because there are no idler gears in the set and so steering and engine transmission are bound to get in the way of each other.

My solution has to do with the swing arm suspension in the rear. Because it only requires one CV joint (to bridge the rotation of the swing arm) I could use the remaining CV joint to offset the steering by one stud and thereby get it past the engine transmission.

I made detailed PDF instructions that you can buy. Here is an example page:

You can also find an instructions preview containing the assembly for the rear axle in my bricksafe folder if you're unsure whether to buy.

If it wasn't a C-model it could use some different tyres to better suit its offroad character.

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Name 42077 Offroad Pickup
Designer jorah
Designed 2019
Inventory 921 parts
Theme Technic > Model > Off-Road
Alternate Build of 42077-1 Rally Car
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