A-10 Warthog




The A-10 Warthog is an iconic fighter plane. It's a stable platform for weapons that any tank fears. I did my best to imitate that in a minifig scale Lego model. The design features the full suite of weapon mounts and the armaments to go with them. 

This is a hefty model, the plane measures 19.8"(50.2cm) x 18.3"(46.6cm) x 5.9"(15.1cm) and weighs over 2 pounds. Without the weapons. There are 12 different armaments that can be attached under the wing. Including missiles, bombs, and electronic countermeasures. I've also designed a stand with three different attachments to pose the plane in a dive, takeoff/landing, and a banking turn. I've also included alternate color schemes including, black, snow camouflage, and arctic red markings. The cockpit is also detailed, with a throttle, removable ejector seat, and of course room for a pilot. The grand total piece count comes to 2466 with the stand and weapons. 

I am going to give fair warning that the wings are quite delicate. I would recommend removing the outer sections for transport or when switching out weapons. Holding the plane upside down is also risky. Keeping it mostly upright on the display stand or in a landed position should be safe. 

All of the parts lists can be found here. The parts list on Rebrickable is for the standard light gray variant. 

I hope you enjoy the model! 

As a side note, I would recommend starting with the stand first so you have a good place to set the plane down. 

Update 2019/12/08- I missed two 1x4 plates in the instructions and part lists. All color schemes have been updated. The black instructions may have some problems as the editor reset about half of them, requiring a lot of redoing that was admittedly rushed. If there are any issues please let me know so I can implement a fix. I've also updated the Rebrickable parts list to include all parts for the stand, weapons, and of course the plane itself in the standard color scheme.

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Name A-10 Warthog
Designer AsgardianStudio
Designed 2019
Inventory 2467 parts
Theme Other
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