5 Speed and Reverse Gearbox with H pattern Shift




I've been working on alternate builds for the Porsche set 42056 and wanted a gearbox that would suit older vehicles.
This gearbox is based on MrWoo's excellent design but reworked so that it can be made with the parts available in 42056, so long as you don't mind losing reverse.
To enable reverse you will need one additional part not found in 42056 (part 32187) and I've made these instructions so that you can build it either way.

I previously released this gearbox in conjunction with my 1974 Lancia Stratos alternate build of 42056.
This gearbox is almost exactly the same but has a couple of minor changes to suit my next alternate build - a 1975 Nissan 240Z Fairlady.
I've also improved my instruction making skills a little and this MOC will give you and idea of what to expect from the instructions for the Fairlady.

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Name 5 Speed and Reverse Gearbox with H pattern Shift
Designer Pleasedontspammebro
Designed 2019
Inventory 165 parts
Theme Technic
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