42078 Mack Anthem Tri-Drive MOD




Modification of 42078 A-Model: Mack Anthem truck with Tri-drive (tridem drive) rear axles instead of default tandem-drive.

We are seeing more and more tri-drive trucks are on the roads these days. Tri-drive tractors are useful in some situations as the extra axle only adds about $20,000 - $25,000 to the total cost of the truck. A heavy piece of equipment on a lowbed trailer being pulled with a tri-drive tractor does away with having to strip down the hauled machine to prevent being over loaded. The extra weight that the 7 axles allows in all comes close to B-train payloads without the bother of double-trailer configurations. However there are still issues with different provinces and states as whether you can run one of the types of trucks. Some states and provinces do allow them for their resource industries while other areas do not allow them period. http://www.tridrives.com/

So, please make sure that your state or province allows them before building!

  • Only real-half of a chassis is modified so any other modifications including RC adding are compatible.
  • All three rear axles are driven using an additional driveshaft: the 1st axle has a "direct-drive" like an original tandem-drive model, and 2nd+3rd are driven in a parallel for a better torque load balancing between the differentials. It's not a mandatory thing for "manual" model but highly needed for possible RC modifications.
  • As the fifth-wheel position is now deeper, it is not compatible with original A-Model's trailer or the similar ones with "back" kingpin position.

Compatible with:

MOC's BOM contains only extra parts needed for this modification. MOC's Building Instructions contains only steps for modified steps. Please make sure that you have the original model, original building instruction and extra parts listed in the BOM below.
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Name 42078 Mack Anthem Tri-Drive MOD
Designer VoidSerpent
Designed 2019
Inventory 101 parts
Theme Technic > Model > Traffic
Modification of 42078-1 Mack Anthem
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