15746 R-Evo 11




AlexdaBoss5 posted and interesting MOC-15746 version of  LEGO kit 31055 Red Racer.  Knowing automotive designers start out with a new base model and over the years it always evolves into something bigger, better, and faster - I decided to try the opposite.  I took the MOC from AlexdaBoss5 and did a Reverse Evolution to see where I would end up.  This MOC is the 11th of 11 R-Evo steps I came up with.

Note:  AlexdaBoss5 was kind enough to give me permission to modify his design and post the results here on Rebrickable.

Turbo Notes file - Transparent parts are colored light purple to reduce eye strain - start on the left side of the file - gather parts and create the sub-assemblies - keep the parts and subs in order - at the bow and arrow, select the groups tab and hide the groups from top to bottom - use the undo tool to show the assembly procedure.

Leftover file - shows the MOC with all the remaining parts from kit 30155.  Just in case you want to do your own mods.
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Name 15746 R-Evo 11
Designer TurboRatRods
Designed 2019
Inventory 17 parts
Theme Creator
Alternate Build of 31055-1 Red Racer
Old Trafford
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