31045 Wave skimmer




It started with the base plates, forming a crude clover shape. Next I set off to create an outline with the curved slopes sideways. It took it wide and this allowed me to retain the symmetrical square shape. I kind of liked how it looked but it did not know yet what it was supposed to be. I filled up the center and the easiest way to connect it all was by using the two large red plates. To reduce the roughness I used the yellow curved slopes to connect them to the sideways sections, putting them there where they fit best. I still had a 1x2 brick with two side studs so I put that on the back to attach some exhausts to. This meant it increased the height so I used the regular slopes to fill up the space, only allowing room for some front cockpit to be created. There was little choice here, or perhaps I simply made one choice and stuck with that. The basic model was done and I only need to finish it with some ornamental parts. I decided to go for a little colorful. It didn't hurt the overall model that much as the red, blue and yellow elements would draw all attention. Another very nice shape. There is still room for improvement, but with the limited parts this is as far as I could go. Overall, this is a straightforward build but with good results. It has something of a hovercraft to it, albeit with some different features.
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Name 31045 Wave skimmer
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 116 parts
Theme Creator > Creator 3-in-1
Alternate Build of 31045-1 Ocean Explorer
Old Trafford
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