31045 Thundersaw




I was not sure where I wanted to go with this model. I made a layout but this was just to get started. I may have changed things while I went along. The front section went first, just to get a feeling of how I wanted to shape the body, using the curve slopes sideways. I kept the central body slender, but I needed to make the structure a bit stronger so I made it wider at the end. I played with a funny idea which was not as exciting as I thought it was. By now most of the model was done. It still lacked structural integrity as it felt a bit fragile. I moved parts around to make the build stronger, although outward little changed. I didn't do much with the underside as there simply weren't the parts to make something worthwhile and it is not always necessary to do something. It looked good enough already and doing more might weaken the shape. The result is the first genuine aircraft for this set. It has a few unusual elements but I like that I managed to maintain a fair color scheme and a dynamic look.
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Name 31045 Thundersaw
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 125 parts
Theme Creator > Creator 3-in-1
Alternate Build of 31045-1 Ocean Explorer
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